Gr. Pittston Regional Compost Facility


Greater Pittston Regional Compost Facility Members include:

Avoca Borough

Dupont Borough

Duryea Borough

Hughestown Borough

Jenkins Township

Pittston City

Pittston Township

Old Forge Borough


4-24-2   Old Forge Borough joins the Greater Pittston Regional Compost Facility.


Yearly Membership fee is $2500.00.        Additional fees will be set as needed for maintenance and upkeep of the facility.

The facility is located within the Grimes Industrial Park, 67 Garden Road, Dupont.

Compost is available for pickup behind the Dupont Borough Building (1st photo above)

Hours of Operation vary, Usually open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 am to Noon.

Compost is available to residents within the above municipalities at no cost other than a fee   of $10 to load compost by the bucket.

Yard waste accepted at the site includes grass, leaves and branches no wider than 6″ .

Stumps are not acceptable at the site.  Also, please do not mix non acceptable items, trash, recycling, dirt, stone etc. within the loads.   This will cause problems for the machinery.    For more information, contact your municipal office.

Contractor Compost Prices:   Pickup $10; 1-Ton Truck – $25;  Single Axle – $45.00 and Tri_Axle – $75.00.

Compost is available for residents to pick up behind the Dupont Borough Building.


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