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Grant submitted for Mill Creek Channel repairs.
Grant submitted for Borough Building Renovations.
UGI - gas lines to be installed
PAWCo - water main replacement project
PennDOT - Heidleberg Bridge renovations
Compost Facility - grant for replacement parts
Grant Change order for Drainage Atwell Drive
Grant Change order for Paving Municipal DPW Garage, Salt Shed, etc.
Grant for Small Water and Sewer Project - Upgrade Pump Station Quail Hill
Application through Luz. Co. Housing for tax credits - Senior Housing Project
 and much more

The Greater Pittston Regional Compost Facility opened in August 2012.  Six municipalities including Dupont, Avoca, Duryea, Hughestown, Pittston City, Jenkins, Pittston Township have undertaken a five year agreement toward regional yard waste management services.  Interest from Pittston Township and Plains in 2013.

Dupont Borough has received a $461,350 grant through gaming funds to purchase equipment and supplies to operate the regional compost facility.   The Son of the Beast Grinder, Water Buffalo, Front End Loader, Fencing, Shed, Replacement Parts, Oils and Lubricants are some of the items covered through the grant funds.  Each municipality will contribute yearly toward salaries, insurance and operating costs.

The facility is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8 am to 4 pm.  Contractor fees have been set by the Commission for disposal of material.  Pickup $15; one ton dump $25; 5 ton $45; and Triaxle $80.  For more information contact the municipalities involved.


$100,000 grant through Senator Blake is in place toward the pole building being constructed at 150 Commerce Road by Penn State Construction.  The building will be the home for the Dupont DPW vehicles and equipment.   Ths location was chosen as part of maintenance for the new airport access road connecting Navy Way to Commerce Road in the Grimes Industrial Park. as well as maintenance of all borough streets including Commerce Road.   Efforts to take truck traffic from Dupont with the construction of the new interchange from Interstate 81 to Navy Way to the Industrial Park is estimated at $42 million. 


This project has been in the works for a number of years.  Work has begun clearing trees at the end of Lidy Road and along 81.  5 Properties purchased as part of the project are scheduled to be demolished in August.   The work should be completed in 2015.   As mentioned above, the total cost for this project is estimated at $42 million.  Five properties at the end of Lidy Road have been purchased, with residents relocated as part of this roadway construction project.

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle)

DEP Grant funds have assisted the Borough in purchasing a Compressed Natural Gas Recycling Truck.  The Truck sports new look with red cab, white body and blue trim and eagle on the doors.  The borough has a fuel savings of 50% compared to diesel.


In order to operate the CNG vehicle, Dupont Borough has been working with UGI Penn Natural Gas and has completed the installation of  gas at the site of the new municipal garage along with the purchase and installation of a slow fill station from Air Gas Technologies to fuel the vehicle. 


Three intersections in Dupont have been updated with new traffic signals, signage and cameras along with ada sidewalk ramps and crosswalks.  These include Lackawanna/Main/Chestnut; Heidlberg Bridge at the Dupont/Avoca borderline; and Main/Everhart-Hoden/Airport Road.  As part of the construction project near the border of Dupont and Avoca, Route 11 has been widened to accomodate turning lanes.  In order to complete that work, removal of the old laurel line wall was done,, with Dupont Borough receiving two large stones as part of its history project.  These stones will serve as a base for a mural being painted of the laurel line train cars which will be on display next year on the property of the borough building.  As part of the painting being done by two local residents Jerry and Fernando, part of the stone will be chipped into dust and added to the paint for the project.


Twenty Five Acres of culm bank located both in Dupont and Avoca Boroughs near the Heidleberg Bridge is being reclaimed.  This project can take over four years to complete and involves the screening of material at the site and hauling of material off site.  Future plans are being discussed for the site, one of which is the possibility of senior housing in that area.  We will keep you updated.


The Pittston Area Leo's Members will complete a beautification project along Oak Street and  Garden Road in the area of the Flag Pole. Trees have already been planted along the Sacred Heart Cemetary on Oak Street.   Shrubs and flowers will be planted and a solar light installed near the Flag Pole.  All which will be purchased through the Clothing and Shoe Fundraising monies spearheaded by the Leo's.  We look forward to seeing that project completed. Thank you to all for your support.  Clothing boxes are located at the borough building and at the Kindergarten Center.  Remember during spring cleanup to donate your clothing to help support this beautification project.   Another project being planned is landscaping at the new municipal garage site on Commerce Road.   Groups and organizations interested in doing a project can contact the Lions Club or Borough Office.

TURNPIKE BRIDGE PROPOSAL:  Dupont Borough has been communicating with the Pa. Turnpike Commission regarding their maintenance of the bridge on Garden Road.  The Turnpike has proposed eliminating the bridge due to high maintenance costs.  The Borough is working with the Turnpike with regard to the elimination of the bridge, compensation for its removal, a cul de sac being constructed if removed.  The money will be used for infrastructure improvements throughout the borough, including storm water management and street paving.  A small amount will be set aside as rainy day fund.  Your comments are always welcome.

VERIZON WIRELESS CELL TOWER -  Verizon will be leasing a section of Dupont Community Park for the construction/installation of a verizon wireless cell tower 80' in height.  The area will bring $18,000 per  year to the Borough of Dupont which will be used for park upgrades and other purposes. 


Dupont Borough wish list:

Senior Citizen Housing, Senior Citizen Center,;Additional and Upgraded Recreational Park Facilities for residents/children;Community Center for Residents/Children;Remodeled Interior of Borough Building Administrative Offices, Police Department, Storage and Garage Space;Downtown Main Street Beautification, Solar Lighting, Specialty Shops and Businesses to Locate in the Vacant Store Fronts